Pietro Lombardi is bad: I lost 10 kilos in 5 days

Pietro Lombardi is bad: I lost 10 kilos in 5 days

Juice! Peter Lombardi (30) got it – and hard!

The singer is currently in bed sick. On Instagram he writes: He feels “abnormally weak” and lost almost 10 kilos in “5 days”.

What exactly is going on? Apparently, the DSDS star caught a bad gastrointestinal virus. The worst thing for him: he has had his fiancée for days Laura (27), Baby Leano and son Alessio (7) can no longer see – he doesn’t want them to get sick too, so he moved down a floor in the house they shared.

Not an easy situation for the DSDS juror!

Pietro admits to his fans: “Above all, the distance to my wife and children at the moment because of the risk of infection is really pulling me down.”

Due to the weight loss, he was also quite “weak on his feet”. He still can’t eat or drink. His intestines have to recover first, says Pietro.

But he doesn’t lack love, because his family and friends take loving care of Pietro. Laura has already brought him homemade chicken soup and his friend and personal trainer Claudio is off to the pharmacy for him. “So brother, you’re about to be saved,” says Claudio in a short Instagram clip, holding a bag of medicine into the camera.

Pietro answered a question and answer session on Instagram and gave a health update

Photo: pietrolombardi/Instagram

Well, with so much care, hopefully Pietro will be fit again soon.

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