Pilot project: Unconditional basic income: “Like winning the lottery”

Waldeck near Kassel.
Dominic Schiffer has won an unconditional basic income: he will receive 1200 euros a month for three years. How does that change him?

  • In a pilot project, numerous people applied for an unconditional basic income
  • Only a fraction of them got it in the end
  • But what about the money? How does it change everyday life? One of the participants in the project tells

Dominic Schiffer felt that this was his chance. On the radio he heard about the pilot project unconditional basic income heard. Get 1200 euros a month for three years, just like that? That would be what hope had grabbed him as two million other applicants. Yes, but what actually? What else does a 25-year-old like him do with so much money? And will it change him?

The corona pandemic was in full swing in autumn 2020 and he, as a paramedic, was right in the middle of it. He also worked in the vaccination and test center. Dominic Schiffer at this point in time has a debt of around 12,000 euros and still has many dreams. So why not? He applies to the study – six months later he is in the second round. And then in the spring of 2021 he will receive the all-changing e-mail: “You will be there!” Read here: Basic income: Economists doubt whether it is financially viable

We’ll be Dominic Schiffer in the three years of the project again and again and see what the money is doing to him.

Unconditional basic income invested in a move and new equipment

It is a summer autumn day that we meet for the first time. He is currently in a 100 square meter apartment in Hesse Waldeck drawn. Dominic Schiffer is quite tall, and that and his friendly smile are immediately noticeable. Schiffer is the kind of guy who comes straight to meet you. “We can still go to the castle afterwards,” he suggests. That is one of the attractions in the hilly place, and his girlfriend also works there. His new girlfriend.

At this point in time, Schiffer had already five times 1200 Euro additionally seen on his account. And the money immediately changed his life. background: Unconditional basic income: field trial starts

His Girlfriend Lina he only got to know in February at the dome show “First Dates” on the TV station Vox. Another thing he just went along with to see what happened. Now she is already opening the door to their shared apartment, she has moved in with him, including her sofa. The closet in the bedroom, on the other hand, is new, as is the Mac computer in Dominic Schiffer’s study. The two of them sit down on their gray couch, a Spotify playlist is running in the background, the theme is “coffee music”.

Basic income ended the long-distance relationship

“At first I thought the email might be fake and someone had a joke with me,” he says 25 year olds. When he knew that he had really won, it felt like “winning the lottery”. “The days after that were very emotional, I kept wondering how I should handle the money.” He was overwhelmed, but his life quickly adapted to the new possibilities. A real everyday life with Lina, for example. No long-distance relationship.

The two tell of their common story. The 20-year-old completed an apprenticeship in hotel and tourism management, although she already had a job in one Hotel on the Baltic Sea sure, but after meeting Dominic on television, she found a job near him.

“Thanks to the basic income, I was able to find an apartment together – and even pay the rent twice for two months,” says Dominic. He’s a nice guy, says sentences like: “What I like about her is that she is so calm and also so grown up, even though she is only 19.” He would have liked her straight away first date, on the second date he visited her at home in Erfurt, she kissed him goodbye. After that they were a couple.

The expenditures have increased with the basic income

What Lina likes about him is that he does that too travel loves. They have that in common. On the first date, they realized that they both wanted to go on a trip around the world. “In the foreseeable future, we might go to the Maldives,” says Dominic.

He could now have such goals, a few months ago he would still have vacations for every vacation save for months have to or would have stayed on “balconies”. Now go, because the additional salary always comes on the first of the month.

“Nobody can take away what you experience,” says Dominic Schiffer as a justification for his travel plans that it is his Motto of life. He doesn’t necessarily want to spend his money on things, but “on the little things” and “on memories”. Read here: IW study: More work and less vacation for employees

Schiffer went into debt through car purchases

But his financial reality demands a lot from him. Every month he pays off 350 euros for his loan. His Indebtedness started two years ago, at that time he bought a car for a five-figure sum, he had saved up and taken on something. But because the running costs “ate up” him, he had to sell the car again. He then got stuck on the difference and a few other items. 10,000 euros are still open. He then bought an old Audi A6.

The car broke down a few weeks ago, then he bought a Golf 7 for 7800 euros. For this he now pays 500 euros every month. In addition, there are 600 euros for housing and household costs and 30 euros for the Internet connection.

Makes about 350 euros for the loan 1500 euros in fixed expenses, which is offset by around 3,000 euros for a basic income and salary. That leaves 1,500 euros for running car costs and life. A life that is already fully designed for 1200 euros more at the beginning of the month.

New standard of living too high for the previous job

But what about three years from now when the source of basic income runs dry? “I have respect for what happens after the three years because I have to reorganize my standard of living,” he admits. “I’ve already got used to the money.” also read: Basic income: European advance is about to end

But Dominic Schiffer takes precautions, he does one on the side Training as a financial advisor. In three years he wants to advise other people financially and only work part-time as a paramedic. It makes him a little sad because he loves his job. “But it’s not enough to live well,” he says. The money is not enough.

The big dream: to emigrate to Spain

If he’s from his job as a paramedic speaks, he goes into raptures. And has already seen a lot for a 25-year-old. Once he saved his brother’s life. He had swallowed his tongue, Dominic Schiffer took it out again.

Driving with colleagues is also great. “I don’t have to ask myself questions about meaning. We are there and do what we can. ”He is not afraid of contact. “It is the greatest honor for me to be able to accompany someone in their death. If I can hold my hand and help. I am infinitely grateful for these moments. ”So he is always aware that his life will also be over at some point. Still, he wants in favor of one higher incomeand because this enables him to live a differently equipped life.

His girlfriend Lina nods at all of this. She works at the reception of the Schlosshotel Waldeck, which is located on a mountain. In their free time, the two of them often go up there, look at the reservoir in the valley, enjoy the sun. Speaking of the sun: If they have enough money somehow, then at some point the two would like to to emigrate to Spain. But only in 20 or 30 years.

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