Pimp My Ride is resurrected from the grave

It is with horror mixed with delight that many of us remember Xzibit’s bulbous program Pimp My Ride. A relic from the early 2000s when MTV still reigned as a constant trendsetter with its finger on the pulse of trendiness. Today, of course, it is different and many hidden, unpleasant truths have been unearthed about the participants in the program and how truthful the cars and their “pimping” actually were.

Anyway, MTV has now decided that the time is ripe for a reboot. Together with British eBay, the rapper Lady Leshurr will lead a new season of the program which will be posted on Youtube. You can spy a first fart clip here. The series premieres in just under two weeks and promises to offer a bunch of new and hopefully more legitimate “pimping” this time. The living must see.

What do you remember from the old Pimp My Ride and the whole MTV era in the early 2000s? Will you check out the new series?

Time to pimp your ride!

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