Pipo Gorosito: “Seven dates are missing, it’s a lot, we have to stay calm”

Néstor Gorosito: “we didn’t deserve to win, but we didn’t deserve to lose either” / Télam

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Néstor Raúl Gorosito lamented the defeat suffered in Santiago del Estero, against Central Córdoba, more than anything because Gimnasia lost the possibility of reaching the top and getting rid of the “big ones”, such as Boca, River and Racing, although he made it clear that No way represents the end of the illusion, because there are seven remaining dates, which mean a total of 21 points, which in the opinion of the albiazul team’s coach is a long way.

“We have to make the quality leap, which is short, but we have to make it,” explained Gorosito at a press conference, summarizing with this sentence the mistakes made by his team throughout the game played at the Madre de Ciudades stadium, in Santiago, with “neutral” fans in blue and white in a section of the stands.

He acknowledged that Gimnasia was “a long team” in the first half, but stressed that “in the second half they hadn’t reached the goal… We played poorly, but the result is unfair.” To round off the topic, he stated that “in a bad game, without moves on goal, we did not deserve to win, but we did not deserve to lose either.”

He insisted in another passage of the dialogue with the journalists, post match, that “the match was controlled, and except for (Alejandro) Martínez’s shot, in the first half, I don’t remember another goal situation.

Referring to what is missing from this Professional League to reach its end, and consecrate its champion, “Pipo” explained that “there are seven dates left, which are 21 points, and that is a lot. That’s why we have to keep calm.”

In this context, the coach added that “there is still a long way to go, but it’s a shame because if we had won we could let go of Boca, River and Racing a little… That’s why the defeat hurts me, but that’s it”.

What Gorosito made clear was that from now on it will be necessary to win, starting with the next match, which will be the weekend against Tigre, at 60 and 118: “It is a short championship, and in the end we have to win as many games as possible.

He applauded the support of the people, on behalf of himself and the team: “We are more than happy with the people, we have already said so, and we thank them for their support, just like the one we had in other games in which they were able to go as visitors” , making specific reference to presentations for the Argentine Cup.

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