Pitbull smashes 1-year-old girl's face after attack

Pitbull smashes 1-year-old girl’s face after attack

Juarez City.- Victoria, one and a half years old, was attacked last night by a Pitbull dog that her uncle rescued from the street.

While visiting her grandmother’s house, the girl approached the animal named Draco, intending to play with it, but instead it bit her, destroying her face.

Since last night, she has been admitted to the Zaragoza Hospital and needs 60,000 pesos for reconstruction surgery on her face.

Victoria has damaged the part below one ear as well as her mouth. The marks left by Draco can still be seen on her lips.

The baby’s parents ask for the support of the community to cover hospitalization expenses, since the salary that her father earns as an operator in the maquila is not enough to pay for the surgery.

Those interested in supporting Victoria can make donations to the HSBC card number 4213166112899517, in the name of Liliana González, the minor’s grandmother.

For more information, you can also call 656-265-60-26, with Mayté González, Victoria’s mother.

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