Pix on Nubank Credit: How does it work and what are the advantages?

Nubank has just announced Pix no Crédito, a feature that will give its customers greater freedom. According to fintech, when using the new Pix modality, the user will consume the limit of their credit card and the money will only be withdrawn from the account after the invoice is due.

With Pix Credit, the person or company will continue to receive the amount in their account almost instantly, but whoever makes the payment can now postpone the discount of the amount in their account. In addition, it is possible to pay in installments up to 12 times the charge when using this type of Pix, that is, it is as if you were using a credit card, but with greater agility to process the purchase.

Pix Credit: How does it work?

When using the Pix Credit feature in the Nubank app, it is possible to simulate the value of the installments with the interest rates added. Even paying in cash (1x) at Pix Credit, the customer will still pay a percentage of monthly interest in addition to the IOF (tax on financial transactions). The added value of making use of the feature is not high, but it is there.

Interest applied when using Pix in Credit in the Nubank application in cash (in 1x). Source: Nubank

What are the advantages of Pix Credit?

When using Pix Credit, the person can make a purchase without having a balance in their account, as it will only be charged on the due date of the card bill. In addition, as this Pix modality allows for installments, it allows purchases to be made without compromising the month’s budget. Another benefit is the unification of expenses on the card bill, facilitating the analysis and management of accounts payable.

A great advantage that Pix Credit has, in addition to the cities above, is that it allows the payment of a purchase in installments and at the same time obtains the discount given by a store to those customers who pay at Pix. In this way, in addition to being “lighter in your pocket” when paying, due to the installments, you can still buy products with a lower value than paying through credit card or via traditional Pix.

How to use Pix Credit in the Nubank app

To use the Pix Credit function in the Nubank app, check out the step-by-step instructions below:

Step 01: On the Nubank app home screen, select “Pix Area” and then tap “Transfer”.

Step 02: Enter the amount you want to transfer to the person or company via Pix Credit.

Step 03: Enter the Pix key of the person or company you want to transfer the money to and confirm by selecting the “Transfer to this [tipo de chave Pix]”.

Step 04: Select the bank that has the Pix key that was previously entered (under the name of the institution it says “Pix Key”).

Step 05: Select the “Choose how to transfer” button and choose “Credit Card”.

Step 06: Choose the number of installments you want to make the payment.

Step 07: Review the transfer data and select the “Transfer” button.

Step 07 - How to use Pix Credit in the Nubank app.  Source: Nubank
Step 07 – How to use Pix Credit in the Nubank app. Source: Nubank

Step 08: Enter your 4-digit password to confirm the transfer to the person or company.

Okay, now just wait for the due date of your card bill to arrive so that the amount transferred via Pix Credit is deducted from your Nubank account.

Launch and availability

According to Nubank, customers are gradually receiving the Pix Credit feature. So wait a bit if you don’t have this option in your Nubank app yet.

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