Pix to the wrong person, what to do?

Since November 2020, Pix exists to make life easier for Brazilians. Through it, it is possible to make instant and free transfers. However, although it is an easy-to-use system, it still leaves doubts, such as what happens when you pix to the wrong person.

In short, this question is very important, given that the Central Bank, creator of the payment method, states that Pix does not have a return or cancellation system for sending. In spite of that, you can ask for the return of the value, through some communications.

Below, check out all the details about what Pix is, and how to proceed in these cases of sending money to the wrong person.

What is Pix?

To understand how to solve the problem of making a wrong Pix, it is necessary to understand how the payment method works. In short, it is the instant payment system of the Central Bank of Brazil, launched in November 2020.

Its creation and implementation was not an isolated initiative. And yes, it is part of a large project to modernize the financial system, Open Banking. Therefore, Pix allows users to register personal keys with the most diverse financial institutions.

It is through these keys that those involved in transactions are identified. There are four formats for Pix keys: CPF (or CNPJ, for legal entities), e-mail, mobile and random key.

Thus, in order to make a payment, it is necessary to inform the key of the person who will receive it and the amount that you need to send. In short, this avoids the need to pass so much data, as in TED transactions, in addition to making the operation faster. In less than 10 seconds the transfer is effected and the money reaches the recipient.

I made a Pix for the wrong person, what to do?

As stated above, an incorrect transfer cannot be reversed by payment. So, if you made a wrong Pix, and you know who received the amount, the first step is contact the person directly.

Then ask her to use the “return value” functionality to troubleshoot the problem. Some institutions even make this function available in the receipt statement itself.

On the other hand, if you don’t know the person who got the wrong Pix, it’s possible try to identify it through the key, in case of CPF, e-mail, or telephone number. You can use this information to contact us and request a refund.

However, in the case of a random key, it is impossible to find out where your money went. This key option exists precisely to guarantee even more privacy to the user.

In that case, your last alternative is contact the institution in which the beneficiary key is registered. Then you need to inform that you made a wrong Pix, and ask the bank to contact the recipient.

And here, it is important to point out that the institution cannot provide you with the information of its customers. So even if you explain that you got the Pix wrong, giving you that information is a violation of the individual’s right to privacy.

Therefore, there is a chance that you will no longer be able to recover the transaction amount. So whenever you make a Pix, be careful not to type in the wrong key. That is, always confirm with the beneficiary that you have entered the information correctly, before finalizing the transaction.

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