Pixel Buds Pro: Google’s Earphones get noise cancellation

As part of the Google I/O, there was not only big hardware, but also small innovations: Google has given its wireless headphones an upgrade. The new generation is called Pixel Buds Pro. While the charging cradle remains visually the same, the ear studs now look a bit more angular and come in two colors in black and colour.

As the “Pro” in the name suggests, they are technically upgraded compared to the current models. Google has given them active noise cancellation (ANC). According to Google, the ANC should use a 6-core processor to recognize background noise and eliminate it using anti-noise.

If you want to hear the surroundings loud and clear, you can turn on a transparency mode that transmits the noise. When making phone calls, AI should also be used to recognize and filter out various background noises – such as wind. Later in the year, Google wants to make the Buds Pro fit for surround sound playback with an update. Without ANC, the Pixel Buds Pro should last 11 hours without electricity, with activated noise cancellation, Google states 7 hours.

The Buds Pro will be available to order in green, grey, orange and blue from July 21st. Google sells the Buds for 220 euros.


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