Plan B that Colo Colo is working on to incorporate a center forward

In the corridors of the Monumental, Marcelo Moreno Martins’s refusal to reinforce Colo Colo still turns. The forward had a preliminary agreement with the leadership of Blanco y Negro and even spoke with Gustavo Quinteros to find out the reality of the popular cast. However, when it seemed that everything was ready, Martins decided to stay in Cruzeiro. Situation that forced to activate plan B.

From the beginning, the list of center-forward players has been extensive: the altiplano led the preferences of Quinteros; José Angulo, ended up signing in Independiente del Valle; Facundo Batista, is on the verge of signing a new contract and Rodrigo Aguirre It has begun to add minutes in Necaxa and it is not ruled out that a loan is sought.

In the folders of the sports management and coaching staff There are more names, which have kept in complete silence, they do not want to hinder the negotiations, the only thing clear is that from the beginning a profile was defined for the search.

An area striker, who has aerial play and knows how to move in confined spaces. Must be under 30 years old and within reach of the Chilean market. The task is not easy, but the challenge is to close the negotiations as soon as possible and have the player available at the start of the second round.

For now, against Unión Española, Marcos Bolados and Iván Morales will continue to be the attackers of Colo Colo and hope to add a new victory that will keep them at the top of the standings.

The meeting between Hispanics and Albos is scheduled for Sunday at 5:30 p.m. at the Santa Laura Stadium.

Daniel Morón works intensely in the search for a center forward | Photo: archive

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