Planning permission is in place: Europa-Park can build a new roller coaster

It had been planned for a long time, now nothing stands in the way of its construction: Europa-Park is getting a new roller coaster. However, the opening is likely to be a long time coming.

The long-planned new roller coaster in the Europe Park can be built. The district office of Ortenaukreis has granted the building permit for the new attraction, announced Germany’s largest amusement park on Thursday in Rust, Baden.

At the beginning of the week, founder and shareholder Roland Mack told the German Press Agency that the roller coaster, originally planned for the second half of next year, should not open until 2024 in the new Croatia area due to supply bottlenecks.

According to earlier information, the roller coaster is to come from the Waldkirch manufacturer Mack Rides, which belongs to the Mack group of companies. An approximately 25 meter high tower with a dome will be built at the railway station, which is intended to commemorate the earlier “Wardenclyffe Tower” by the inventor Nikola Tesla (1856 to 1943) in New York.

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