Platanito launches against the ‘crystal generation’

Mexico City.- The adult comedian Platanito announced his new tour entitled It hurts whoever hurts, which is dedicated to the crystal generation which the clown said “is offended by everything, everything seems wrong or everything is wrong.” The comedian, in addition to being famous for his striking appearance, has also caught the attention of many people thanks to the fact that he has been part of various controversies.

One of the most recent is when her name appeared in the book by Anabel Hernández Emma and the other ladies of the narco, in which Sergio Verduzco “Platanito” was singled out for having maintained contact with a drug lord and for attending a ‘ drug party’.

What did Platanito say about the crystal generation?

Through a video circulating on social networks which lasts approximately two minutes, the clown for adults gave his point of view on the crystal generation. The man behind the renowned comedian made it clear that he will not allow comedy to be censored and that he does not agree that this new generation criticizes comedians every day, noting that he is willing to defend comedy.

“It is a show that is dedicated to the entire crystal generation that is offended by everything, now everything seems wrong or everything is wrong. Now it turns out that comedy is the worst thing in the world, and we comedians are being criticized every day. Given this, I am going to defend comedy and say that I am not doing anything wrong, more than comedy,” said Platanito.

On the other hand, as he did some time ago, I accept that Anabel’s remarks were true; However, he clarified that “just as there are truths, there is also a lot of gossip, gossip”, which is why she said there are things that she does not talk about, because they are just that, gossip.

He also assured the Publimetro medium that he was happy to return to the stage to hear the laughter and applause of the public after being on the verge of death.

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