play-Podcast #300: The big quiz at the end

This is the final episode of the play podcast. Finally, from September 22nd, our chat program will merge with Heim Kino and the Games Aktuell podcast to become the PC Games Podcast, which will then be moderated by Chris and Maci. So we really should have ended with episode #296, but that doesn’t do the play podcast justice. So we decided to just call the grand finale #300, after all we’re not going “off-air” in any way, we’re giving you a special episode to take away with you at the end. In #300, Katha and Sascha fight for victory in the big video game and pop culture quiz devised by Chris. Five rounds are about films, series, comics and of course gaming. In between, even Lukas and Domi have a small guest appearance in the podcast. Of course, we won’t reveal who won the quiz in the end, instead we would like to say thank you. Thank you for making our digressions, discussions, and incorrect jokes possible in this form. We hope you’ve always enjoyed the play podcast. We definitely had it. We’d love for you to support the PC Games Podcast from now on. We are quite sad to close the play podcast chapter, but look forward to the start of this new exciting project. Just listen, have a good time and – of course – no offense. We love you.

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The topics of issue 300:
00:00:00 – Intro, Welcome
00:07:08 – Community
00:16:08 – The big quiz

This is the final installment of the play podcast. From September 22nd we present you the PC Games Podcast.

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