Play TESO: Story DLC Firesong and Update 36 now on the test server

After the developers of The Elder Scrolls Online over the past few weeks the new content and customizations of Firesong and Update 36 introduced, the finale of the year-long story “Legacy of the Bretons” has now landed on the public test server – a great opportunity to check out the new content from TESO now!

TESO: Lost Depths – Gameplay Trailer for the Dungeon DLC

Details on the PTS of TESO: Firesong

On the official website of TESO the developers write: “If you want to help us test the final content for 2022 in TESO or just want a glimpse of all the adventures to come, you can now download the new area (Galen), its story, including all updates and improvements from Update Experience 36 as a patch for the base game!

To access the Public Test Server, open the system menu in the PC/Mac Launcher and enable “Show Public Test Server” in the preferences. After that, you can download and access the version for the test server. Please be sure to provide feedback and report any bugs you come across by typing “/feedback” or “/bug” in chat!”

Here’s what to expect in Firesong and Update 36

Coming out on November 1, 2022 Firesong and Update 36 for PC/Mac and Stadia, followed by the launch on November 15, 2022 on Xbox and PlayStation. You can then expect the following highlight innovations:

  • A new zone: In Firesong you can explore Galen, one of the four islands of the Systren archipelago. Located northwest of High Isle, this lush and fertile island was long home to the Systren druid circles. Galen features vast, overgrown forests, forbidding jungles, meandering lava flows, forest spirits, and creatures found only in this part of Tamriel.
  • New challenges: As you explore and delve into the lore of the Druids and Galens themselves, you will encounter a variety of challenges such as new bosses in the open world, dungeons, volcanic vents, as well as standalone quests.
  • continuation of the story: The Firesong Circle (first encountered in the Lost Depths DLC) has been attacking their fellow Stone Lore and Ancestral Circle druids, while House Mornard faces ruthless raids from sea elf pirates. Faced with both of these increasingly acute threats, you must defend the people of Galen, uncover the motives behind these attacks, and end them before chaos spreads to the rest of the Systren.
  • Finale of the Breton Legacy: Completing the Firesong and High Isle story unlocks additional bonus quests that complete the year-round saga of the Breton Legacy.
  • glory stories: As part of the Firesong DLC, comes the newest Patron of Glory: the Druid King!
  • update 36: The free patch for the base game includes balance changes, bug fixes and more. Additions include a tool that allows you to place target markers on enemies; a text-to-speech option for greater accessibility; the ability to hide class companions in cities; and a host of other changes that make homes easier to visit and share.

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