PlayStation 5 discounted from 70 euro - find the link to buy it

PlayStation 5 discounted from 70 euro – find the link to buy it

Every day we saw an absolutely unmissable promotion on eBay that allowed me to buy a Sony PlayStation 5 console in a bundle with God of War Ragnarok at an incredible price.

The promotion is still active, The console in version with lettore di disci in bundle with the digital copy of God of War Ragnarok is available for only 549 euro with free shipping and discount of 70 euro from the list price of 619.99 euro. The list price of the console is 549.99 euros, practically God of War Ragnarok is free.

Click here to view the promotion on your PlayStation 5

At the time of the adjustment of this item, the seller has sold a good 292 console, we do not know how much is still available, probably still very little. Given the latest feedback that the vendor has received, we can note that he has purchased the console that has received in tempi strettissimi ed è super soddisfatto dell’acquisto.

Acquisando la console oggi, verrà consignata trai il 24 ed il 27 marzo con corriere espresso. Vi consigliamo di completare i vostri acquisti su eBay siempre paying with PayPal In modo da essere assicurati durante tutta la procedura di acquisto e, se qualcosa non andasse bene, di ottenere reimbursement direttamente da parte di PayPal.

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