Playstation 5 owners prefer physical games

Both retailers and analysts seem to agree that digital game sales are very popular with Xbox users who prefer it over physical copies, and Niko Partners senior analyst Daniel Ahmad goes as far as to assert he “really need to stress how large the digital shares are on Xbox compared to other platforms”. For Playstation 5 players, however, things seem to be different, and according to a recent one Games Industryreport based on a presentation of Games Sales Data, physical games are actually clearly larger for Playstation 5 than digital downloads.

It turns out that for every two digital downloads to Playstation 5, three physical games are purchased, giving the latter a clear advantage over Sony’s console. The two main reasons that consultant Sam Naji, who gave the presentation, gave to this was that the games are more expensive for Playstation 5 because Sony raised the prices this generation, which makes the players want physical copies. The second reason is that people like to build a physical library for a new console.

However, Xbox gamers seem to continue to buy predominantly digital games, and the article notes that “Sony’s console shifted 1,9 million boxed games from January to August 2021, compared to 400 000 Xbox Series S/X games”.

Do you prefer digital or physical games?

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