PlayStation 6 release date is starting to be mentioned by Sony

In the course of documents sent to a regulatory authority, Sony mentioned the release date of the PS6. The information is hidden, but the launch would be around 2028.

Sony is already thinking about the PlayStation 6. That’s what reading documents sent to the UK competition authority (Competition and Markets Authority) has uncovered. In a passage, the Japanese company mentioned the console that will succeed the current PlayStation 5, which was released in the main world markets in November 2020.

The elements transmitted by Sony to the regulator draw a timetable for the release of the PlayStation 6 – name which is not official today, but which would be the logical continuation in the name PS. No precise date is given, but the formulations used by the Japanese group suggest that the PS6 will be marketed around 2028.

The release date of the PlayStation 6 mentioned with the case call of duty

The date Sony is thinking of releasing the PS6 has been redacted. The passage appears in a response from the manufacturer concerning a hot topic for its interests: the availability of the license call of duty on its consoles, while the studio which controls it is in the process of being taken over by Microsoft, and which could make it an exclusive for the Xbox.

Since the start of the acquisition of the Activision Blizzard studio, Sony has continued to send negative signals about the future of call of duty on Playstation. In his eyes, his competitor will use it as an asset in the console war. Conversely, Microsoft ensures that it is not in its interest: the game will be available everywhere, as Minecraftanother of its properties.

Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 // Source: Activision
The future of call of duty on PlayStation has plagued Sony for several months. // Source: Activision

The latest news, Microsoft would leave Call of Duty on PlayStation for at least 10 years, in order to also answer the doubts of the regulatory authorities. But, in its response to the competition authority, Sony states that it has faced fluctuating discourse (such as CoD “ until 2027 “, or also ” long as it makes sense “) previously.

It is in this context that the release of the PlayStation 6 is mentioned, because Sony fears that Microsoft will maneuver to avoid the arrival of CoD on PS6, in order to give a boost to its Xbox next-gen. A fear that may be unfounded, because of the proposed ten-year deal. This would cover a period incorporating the arrival of the PlayStation 6.

A release around 2028 would be logical with Sony’s habits

A PlayStation 6 release around 2028, give or take a year or so, is highly plausible, given the commercial career of Sony’s consoles. The classic life cycle for the manufacturer is around seven years: the PlayStation was released in 1994, followed by four other generations, respectively in 2000, 2006, 2013 and 2020.

The PlayStation 5 may only be two years old, but the video game industry is a long-time industry, especially for consoles. Characteristics, production chains, supply, distribution, trends in video games, catalog at launch (which requires launching the production of titles early), but also the presence of key titles… such as Call of.

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