PlayStation Spartacus: release date, information, price, features… all you need to know

At the beginning of December, the first rumors concerning the PlayStation Spartacus (provisional code name) arrived on the web, via Bloomberg, a media generally well informed in the video game sphere. According to them, PlayStation is preparing an offensive to fight Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass with a new subscription service that could merge the services of PS Now and PS Plus.

Discover now all the first important information to know about the famous “PlayStation Spartacus” project with the first information, rumors and other details!

What is PlayStation Spartacus?

According to early information from Bloomberg, PlayStation Spartacus is a new PlayStation subscription service that aims to merge the services of PlayStation Now (PS Now) and PlayStation Plus (PS Plus) into a single offering. With the implementation of Spartacus, Sony could abandon the PS Now brand and service for good. On the other hand, the firm could still keep the PS Plus for some time.

Spartacus (provisional name) would offer players several advantages such as:

  • Access to online play (PS Plus)
  • The games offered every month (PS Plus)
  • A catalog of games similar to Xbox Game Pass for PS4 (and later PS5 titles)
  • Demos, game streaming and many PSOne, PS2 and PS3 games (PS Now)

When might PlayStation Spartacus arrive?

Also according to information from Bloomberg, PlayStation Spartacus could be launched in the spring of 2022. This is information that is starting to gain momentum since Sony has just asked the various American, Canadian and British retailers to withdraw from sale all PS Now cards. In France, we have just learned that the Micromania brands are starting to withdraw the cards from January 14th.

On what platform could PlayStation Spartacus be released?

Obviously, the PlayStation Spartacus should arrive on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. There is a good chance that Sony will decide to launch its service on PC as well. But to date (January 14, 2022), the main rumors refer only to PlayStation consoles.

How much will PlayStation Spartacus cost?

At the moment there is absolutely no information on the price of the service. Based on Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, we imagine that Sony will not exceed the price of the latter to remain competitive. We can then expect a service of between €9.99 per month and €12.99 per month.

What about PlayStation Now subscribers?

Fiche PS Now

For the moment, since the Spartacus project has still not been officially announced, we do not know how Sony will proceed to stop the PS Now service and merge it with the PS Spartacus. There is a high chance that players with an active subscription on PS Now will be transferred to PS Spartacus. For the moment, no official information.

What is PlayStation Now?

PlayStation Now fin ?PlayStation Now fin ?

© PlayStation

PS Now is a subscription service giving gamers access to a library of over 700 PS2, PS3 and PS4 games. It is possible to play it via the Cloud (in streaming) or to download its games on PS4/PS5. The service is also accessible only through the Cloud on PC.

In 2018, PS Now offers PS4 users the opportunity to download PS2 and PS4 games to be able to play them on their console without having to stream them. It’s lucky for those who don’t have a good enough connection to play it. It is finally in January 2019 that the beta of PS Now will extend to all of Europe before arriving in final version on March 12, 2019.

What is PlayStation Plus?

PS Plus Plug

PS Plus Plug

PS Plus is a subscription service on PS4 and PS5 allowing players to play online and enjoy many benefits such as games offered every month and exclusive promotions.

Today, the PlayStation plus offers several subscription formulas (monthly, quarterly, yearly). Thanks to a subscription to PS Plus, players are entitled to many advantages:

Free games – Every month, at least two PS4 games are offered to subscribers on PS Plus. These games belong to the players for the time of their subscription to PS Plus.
Exclusive discounts – Every month, many more or less recent PS4 games benefit from exclusive discounts of -20% to -60% only for PS Plus subscribers.
Online Multiplayer – With PS Plus, subscribers can play all games online and enjoy the online features of different games.
Exclusivities – Every month, PS Plus subscribers are entitled to exclusive content for their games such as DLCs, packs or others in the most popular games such as Apex Legends, H1Z1, or Fortnite.
Themes & Avatars – PS Plus subscribers can also personalize their profile with free themes and avatars from the biggest games like Street Fighter, Batman or Bloodborne.
Full game reviews – On PS3, it is possible for users to test games over several hours in order to checkout! Assassin’s Creed, GTA IV, Red Dead Redemption or even Resident Evil…

On January 7, 2020, at the Sony conference at CES in Las Vegas, Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment announced that the PlayStation Network has more than 103 million active users. In total, there are more than 38.8 million players registered with PS Plus.

Why a merger of PS Now and PS Plus?

Sony may wish to refocus all of its services and offer a “pack” grouping together all the offers in a more advantageous way. We can also see a failure of PlayStation Now which, despite its catalog of more than 700 games, cannot cope with Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass.

Any other things to expect on PlayStation Spartacus?

PS Plus Video Pass

PS Plus Video Pass

If Sony really wants to create a complete service, we will undoubtedly have the integration and the arrival everywhere in the world of the PS Plus Video Pass offer. This is an offer giving access to more than twenty films and series from Sony Pictures. The service is currently being tested in Poland since April 21, 2021. Sony had announced a one-year test phase before launching the PS Plus Video Pass in other countries. It falls right in the spring of 2022!

When might the PlayStation Spartacus be announced?

More and more rumors evoke a State of Play for the beginning of February 2022. We imagine that Sony could take advantage of this event to make an announcement. If the rumors are true, the PlayStation Spartacus could launch as early as spring. There is therefore not much time left for PlayStation to make its announcement.

In addition, according to the manufacturer’s instructions, all resellers must withdraw their physical PS Plus cards from sale no later than January 21.

All about PlayStation Spartacus in 5 questions

Infos PlayStation SpartacusInfos PlayStation Spartacus


PlayStation Spartacus? What’s this ?

It would be a new subscription service from PlayStation that aims to merge PS Now and PS Plus.

What should the release date be?

Normally, the PlayStation Spartacus service (interim codename) is expected to launch in the spring of 2022.

At what price could PlayStation Spartacus be launched?

No official information about it. On the other hand, to remain competitive with a certain Game Pass Ultimate, the price of the PS Spartacus should be between €9.99 per month and €12.99 per month.

On which medium(s) will the service be compatible?

For the moment, the service should arrive on PS4 and PS5.

When could this be announced?

According to the many rumors, and given the timing that remains for Sony, the PlayStation Spartacus project should be announced soon, between the end of January and the end of February.

Sony PS5Sony PS5

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