PlayStation VR: 5 years already… and games offered in November!

On October 13, 2016, you may have been styling the Sony PlayStation VR headset for the very first time. Indeed, the device dedicated to the virtual reality of the PS4 was launched precisely five years ago today. While we are still awaiting news of the new generation virtual reality headset dedicated to the new PS5 (which remains compatible with the current PS VR), Sony will commemorate this anniversary… by offering games from this November!

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PlayStation VR: 5 years already!

In fact, starting next month, subscribers to Sony’s PlayStation Plus program will receive three bonus PS VR games at no additional cost. At present, Sony has not announced the titles of the games in question, and we obviously hope that these have not already been the subject of a previous free availability …

PS VR Top 5 Games

The Japanese group obviously takes the opportunity to come back to some key figures concerning its PlayStation VR, which allows you to enjoy more than 500 games and experiences. Speaking of which, the most popular PlayStation VR game in the world is… Rec Room. The latter is followed by Beat Saber, then PlayStation VR Worlds. In fourth position, we find Skyrim VR, while the excellent Resident Evil 7 closes the top 5.

Obviously, Sony promises that the PlayStation VR still has a bright future ahead of it, and reminds that new games are under development, including Moss: Book II, Wanderer, After the Fall, Humanity, Puzzling Places or Zenith: The Last City.

It remains to be seen now when Sony will decide to formalize the successor to PlayStation VR, the one that will be cut to work in concert with the manufacturer’s new PS5. Recently, some evoked an availability planned for the end of 2022, with OLED on the program. To be continued.

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