PlayStation VR2 is approved by Anatel and can now be launched in Brazil

O PlayStation VR2 received the green light to be launched in Brazil. Anatel (National Telecommunications Agency) approved two models of the accessory, identified as CFI-ZCVR1 and CFI-ZCVL1. The document indicates that both have identical electrical and physical characteristics. Still without an official release date, let alone a suggested price, the approval indicates that it is a matter of time before Sony announces the product.

With the exception of their nameplates, the CFI-ZCVR1 and CFI-ZCVL1 models have the same specifications, both being compatible with the PS5 console and offering new Sense controls. See the excerpt from the document available on Anatel’s SCH:

Certificate of Technical Compliance issued by Anatel (Credit: Anatel/Reproduction)

As far as we know, the VR glasses will be equipped with 2000×2040 pixel OLED panels with images at 90 Hz and 120 Hz, support for 4K resolution and internal cameras for interaction with player movements.

Anatel’s approval releases the launch of the accessory in Brazil, but it is possible that this will still take time. With no price or release date revealed, the information we have about the PlayStation VR2 comes from the latest disclosures from Sony, which recently announced which games will be compatible with the glasses. Among them, the recently released Resident Evil Village it’s the Horizon Call of the Mountainwhich you can see in the trailer below;

Otherwise, we just have to wait for more details.

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