Plus – Column: Lost Ark – Opinion: The MMO needs to learn from New World’s mistakes

Anyone currently looking for a new MMO has a hard time. Especially if you’re looking for something fresh and new and don’t want to play old camels like WoW or Guild Wars 2. The last big hope New World turned out to be a bitter disappointment for many fans within a few weeks due to various problems.

With Lost Ark, a new star is supposed to rise in the MMO sky. The Korean action online RPG is finally coming out in the West on February 11, 2022, drawing everyone’s attention. The mix of action role-playing game à la Diablo and MMO appears in Germany as a free game with an in-game shop. Currently there are still many concerns about Pay2Win mechanics.

We have already played Lost Ark in the beta and summarized our impressions, also regarding the Free2Play mechanics, in the podcast:

link to Podcast content

In order for Lost Ark, which is successful in Asia, to be able to assert itself against the current top dogs in the western MMO scene, it and publisher Amazon must learn from the mistakes of the failed quasi-predecessor New World.

The author
Mary is passionate about playing MMOs and has been through one or the other online world. Among other things, she was in World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy 14, Guild Wars 2 or in free MMOs like Fly for Fun or Aion and appreciates both free and paid MMOs. With Lost Ark, she has been unsure since the beta how long the MMO will really captivate her in the long term – but she hasn’t seen anything from the endgame yet.

New World

New World

Lost Ark

Lost Ark

They may seem very different at first, but Lost Ark has valuable lessons to learn from the launch of New World.

Lost Ark needs enough servers and small queues

The first impression is usually the most important. This not only applies to job interviews or dates, but also in the MMO world. When everyone who loves to play wants to storm the servers on the release day, there is one thing: chaos. The saying “Never play on launch day” is true for almost every MMO release to this day.

New World was hit particularly hard when it was released. Not only did many players wait for hours to be admitted, the rush was so bad that even two weeks after the release, many of those waiting simply couldn’t get to their servers.

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