Plus – Nine Years of Star Citizen – Star Citizen is making progress, but there is still a long way to go

Star Citizen is making progress – in small steps. How does it feel for people who have been accompanying the project for nine years?

If you don’t play Star Citizen yourself, but want to follow the progress of the space project from “outside”, you can feel as if you were watching the continental drift. Little big moves; For a long time there has not been any bombastic news that even we journalists are longing for.

In truth, however, a lot is moving: Star Citizen is making progress!

But many of them are difficult to understand at first glance (what was the “iCache”?), Because Chris Roberts and his now 720-strong team are still building the technical foundation. At the same time, they describe the new Alpha 3.15 as the biggest patch since version 3.0 – there are also reasons for that.

What is behind it and how it feels for people who have been following the project for nine years, Michael Graf discusses in the podcast with two guests:

  • Sascha “SirHurl” Schulz is not only a GameStar presenter and Star Citizen player, but also a freshly made author who works for us writes about Star Citizen.
  • Patrick Görmer is better known as gag, he’s dedicated on Youtube and on Twitch regularly discusses Star Citizen and explains the progress Chris Roberts and his team are making.

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Together we will discuss what the developers recently showed at CitizenCon – and what not. For example, there were impressions of the next solar system Pyro, but no date for the Alpha 4.0, in which it is to be installed. There was also no trace of the single-player offshoot Squadron 42 at CitizenCon.

For the next technical milestones – server meshing and the AI ​​system called Quantum – Roberts & Co. have not yet given any specific dates, even if there is progress on a small scale.

Is all of this a reason to despair? Not at all, say Sascha and Patrick – you just have to know and understand what you’re getting into with Star Citizen. More about this in the podcast!

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