Plus – Preview: World Box – Preview: This is one of the most anticipated building games on Steam

Almost half a million players have added World Box: God Simulator to their Steam wishlist. At GameStar Plus we use the playable Humble version to reveal where the hype about the god strategy game comes from.

World Box is a small God Simulator that originally appeared on mobile, has a respectable five million downloads on Android and will soon also be available on Steam for 20 euros (there is a 50 percent discount on the Developer’s website for the alpha version, which will be converted into a Steam key when released).

But in view of this popularity, can one still speak of “small” at all? Almost half a million people have already parked World Box on their Steam wishlist. It is one of the most anticipated development games on Steam! But where does this hype come from?

World Box was originally developed as a one-man show, but this has now changed. A whole team is now working on the title, which, unlike most genre representatives, focuses less on individual characters and small village communities that you can manipulate around progress and belief. World Box is all about the rise and fall of empires.

But although you are an omnipotent God, your possibilities of interaction are mainly of an indirect nature – just as the statutes of the God Games established by Bullfrog and Peter Molyneux with Populus provide.

Since World Box lives more from passive viewing than from actual play and is difficult to squeeze into the usual GameStar rating scheme, I would like to venture a little experiment at this point to bring you closer to this fascinating mixture of Crusader Kings and The Sims. It follows: a slightly different article with great show value!

Spoiler: in the end (almost) everything explodes …

In World Box you have the world in your hand – and just watch

As God, you get all kinds of tools in your hand to lay the foundations for the power struggle on the world map. What do the land masses look like, where is there extra gold and metal, where are wild animals lurking? You can erupt volcanoes, place dragons, magicians and many other creatures from the fantasy corner in the world.

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