Pluto TV adds 7 new channels to the IPTV catalogue; see the full list

Pluto TV, the main free television streaming service in the country, launched seven new channels this September. Pluto TV Network (channel 146), The Ed Sullivan Show (channel 110), TV Cultura (channel 145), cocoricó (channel 714), The FBI Files (channel 305), It’s Cabral’s fault (channel 509) will be available on Pluto TV from today (20). Next Monday (26), the channel Smithsonian Channel Pluto TV (channel 290).

Pluto TV adds 7 channels in September

September channels on Pluto TV (Image: Oficina da Net)

For the month of September, these are the seven new channels that make up the Pluto TV channel catalog:

Pluto TV TV Network (channel 146)

With content that informs and entertains, RedeTV! interacts with tens of millions of people across Brazil. And now, it’s also available on Pluto TV.

The Ed Sullivan Show (channel 110)

The Ed Sullivan Show is one of the most famous shows in the history of American television, where The Beatles, Elvis, The Doors, The Rolling Stones and many other music legends set foot.

TV Cultura (channel 145)

Pluto TV Cultura is the channel where all ideas and thoughts are debated and studied. The best interviews on programs of different formats, but always with the same purpose: deepening ideas.

Cocoricó (channel 714)

In Cocoricó you will meet Júlio, an 8 year old boy who lives with his grandparents and a group of animals that talk and are super excited. Come and have fun with Alipio the horse, Babs, Lola, Zazá, and much more.

The FBI Archives (channel 305)

The most incredible FBI cases told by those who took part in the investigations: police officers and coroners. Follow role-plays and interviews and feel like part of the FBI Archives team.

It’s Cabral’s fault (channel 509)

A Culpa é do Cabral is one of the most watched programs in the history of Brazilian cable TV and now has its own channel here on Pluto TV. You will die of laughter with the best quintet of humor.

Smithsonian Channel Pluto TV (channel 290)

Smithsonian Channel Pluto TV is the channel for documentary fans. You’ll learn about culture, science, history, art and much more all in one place. And best of all, having fun.

Availability: from 26 September.

How many channels does Pluto TV have?

With the arrival of the new channels in September, Pluto TV’s IPTV catalog now consists of a list of 98 channels. See the complete list:

U Channel Category
1 Pluto TV Channel Guide Channel Guide
52 Pluto TV Cine Successes Films
56 Pluto TV Movies Action Films
58 Freezone Adrenaline Films
60 Pluto TV Cine Comedy Films
61 Pluto TV Cine Romantic Drama Films
63 Pluto TV Cine Drama Films
66 Pluto TV Cine Romance Films
69 Pluto TV Movies Thriller Films
72 Pluto TV Cine Terror Films
74 Science fiction Films
81 Pluto TV National Films Films
85 Pluto TV Cine Classics Films
87 Pluto TV Cine Família Films
100 Paramount+ Presents Paramount+ Presents
101 Pluto TV Series Entertainment
103 Pluto TV NightShift Entertainment
105 Jeannie is a genius Entertainment
106 Pluto TV Retro Entertainment
108 The three Stooges Entertainment
109 Diff’rent Strokes Entertainment
110 The Ed Sullivan Show Entertainment
111 The Man Who Came From Heaven Entertainment
124 Soap operas Entertainment
145 TV Cultura Entertainment
146 Pluto TV Network Entertainment
147 Uol channel Entertainment
149 Young Pan Pluto TV Entertainment
150 Record TV Pluto TV Entertainment
151 Nosy Scandals Entertainment
153 LGBTQIA+ Pride Entertainment
154 BET Pluto TV Entertainment
155 Being Mary Jane Pluto TV Entertainment
157 MTV Pluto TV Entertainment
158 MTV with Ex Entertainment
159 Are You The One? Entertainment
161 MTV Teen Mom Entertainment
162 MTV Shore Entertainment
163 MTV Catfish Entertainment
173 People Are Awesome Entertainment
175 Younger Entertainment
176 NickTeen Entertainment
177 Nickelodeon Kenan & Kel Entertainment
178 Nickelodeon iCarly Entertainment
193 MasterChef Entertainment
201 CBS News News
203 Euro News – Portuguese News
205 Pluto TV Record News News
255 breaking the taboo Curiosities
260 Masters of Illusionism Curiosities
262 Pluto TV Mysteries Curiosities
265 First Aid: Emergency Stories Curiosities
266 My Favorite Obsession Curiosities
267 Pluto TV Real Life Curiosities
271 Pluto TV Nature Curiosities
272 Pluto TV Landscapes Curiosities
274 The Dog Whisperer Curiosities
283 Pluto TV Turbo Curiosities
288 Documentaries Curiosities
290 Smithsonian Channel Pluto TV Curiosities
301 Pluto TV Investigation Investigation
305 The FBI Files Investigation
309 Unsolved Mysteries Investigation
327 anime Pluto TV Anime & Geek
329 Anime Action Anime & Geek
331 Naruto Anime & Geek
332 death note Anime & Geek
342 Tokusato Pluto TV Anime & Geek
345 Geek and Tech Anime & Geek
403 FUEL TV sports
502 failarmy Comedy
505 The Pet Collective Comedy
507 Pluto TV Comedy Comedy
508 Schitt’s Creek Comedy
509 It’s Cabral’s fault Comedy
510 Comedy Central Pluto TV Comedy
511 Comedy Central South Park Comedy
512 Pluto TV Porta dos Fundos Comedy
551 Pluto TV Lifestyle Lifestyle
556 Tastemade Brazil Lifestyle
563 Pluto TV FashionBox Lifestyle
702 babyfirst infant
703 Pluto TV Junior infant
706 Nick Jr. club infant
707 Nickelodeon Blue’s Clues infant
714 cocoricó infant
717 The Children’s Kingdom infant
719 Pluto TV Monica’s Gang infant
721 Pluto TV Kids infant
726 Nickelodeon SpongeBob infant
730 Classic Nick infant
731 Rocko’s Modern Life infant
732 Nickelodeon Rugrats infant
735 The Adventures of Jackie Chan infant
905 Pluto TV Shows Song
906 Pluto TV Karaoke Song
915 MTV Biggest Pop Song
916 MTV Sparkin’ New Song

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