Points for infractions: how road scoring will work in the Province

Points for violations: how road scoring will work

The scoring system had been pending application since 2011 / Web

With the officialization of the decree that establishes the road scoring system at the national level, a vertiginous deadline began to run for its instrumentation throughout the country. The provinces have less than sixty days to implement the deduction of points for violations in driver’s licenses, which implies that the fines will cost, in addition to money, progressive terms of disqualification to drive.

The measure, promoted by the Ministry of Transport of the Nation, through the National Road Safety Agency, has as its main purpose to generate a new road awareness that promotes citizen and collective responsibility for all Argentines.

For this purpose, the new national scoring system grants a base of 20 points to each male and female driver who has a National Driver’s License and, as a consequence of committing infractions, points will be deducted until disqualification is reached.

As established by the system – pending application since 2011 – those drivers who lose the 20 points assigned for accumulated infractions for the first time will be disqualified from driving for 60 days; the second time the period will increase to 120 days, and the third time, 180 days. Then it will be duplicated successively. Once the disqualification periods have expired, the driver will again receive the balance of points.

In order to recover points, motorists will also be able to take courses such as “Road safety and culture”, “How to generate responsible habits” and “Safe driving”, among others.

Completion and approval of these courses will grant a maximum of 4 points each, although they may not be carried out less frequently than two years in the case of private drivers, and one year in the case of professionals.

Scoring seeks to break with an old tradition in our country where traffic violations are resolved with money. This new system comes to end that. Driving is a responsibility.

Pablo Martinez Carignano
Director of the ANSV

When no firm traffic penalties have been received for a period of two years and there is a partial balance greater than zero, the driver will recover all the points.

To get an idea of ​​how the points deduction will be for punctual infractions, it is enough to consider that driving with an expired license will cost 5 points; circular without Mandatory Technical Review, 4; driving without a helmet, 5: driving without a seat belt, 4: not respecting traffic lights, 5; drunk driving, 10: not respecting speed limits, between 5 and 10 (depending on whether the excess is greater or less than 30%), impaired driving, 20; and participate in bites on public roads, the same amount.


With the full entry into force of the national scoring and once all the jurisdictions complete the accession process, “all people will be equal before the traffic law, and they will have to face the same consequences when committing infractions that put their safety and life at risk, both their own and that of others”, they highlighted from the Ministry of Transport.

“The scoring seeks to break with an old tradition in our country where traffic violations are resolved with money. This new system comes to end that logic. Driving is a responsibility”, said Pablo Martínez Carignano, director of the National Road Safety Agency.

The implementation of the national scoring was agreed upon by all the provinces in the last meeting of the Federal Road Safety Council, held a month ago.

The new rules that are coming

❑.- The scoring will have 20 points for each licensed driver

❑.- These points will be deducted when committing infractions, according to their severity

❑.- By losing the initial 20 points, you are disqualified from driving for 60 days.

❑.- The second time, the period of disqualification will increase to 120 days, and the third, to 180 days.

❑.- After two years of not receiving firm sanctions, all the points will be recovered



❑.- Circular without Mandatory Technical Review

❑.- Driving without a seat belt


❑.- Circular with expired license

❑.- Driving without a helmet

❑.- not respect traffic lights


❑.- Not respecting speed limits


❑.- drunk driving


❑.- impaired driving

❑.- Participate in bites

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