Pokémon Go creators are working on a game to "catch" Bitcoins

The company behind the famous game Pokémon Go has a new title, since in this new adventure gamers must catch Bitcoins, which has attracted the attention of various users on social networks.

Niantic, creators of the game, have worked together with a company called Fold, responsible for cryptocurrency debit cards, on a new game called Fold AR, which invites the player to search for blocks and virtual objects in the real world.

According to information published by the Gizmodo portal, the style is similar to that of the Pokémon game but without pokemon, but with blocks that can reveal prizes, based on Bitcoin mining.

What is the new Pokémon Go like?

Among these prizes, of course, you can obtain units of a currency called “Satoshis” (in clear reference to Satoshi Nakamoto. Each Satoshi currently has very little value, roughly 1/20 parts of 1 cent.

Of course, to mine these Bitcoins (or Satoshis) in the game, each binary code block will appear once every 10 minutes in the player’s account, and will be located between 50 centimeters and 15 meters from the player, according to those responsible for the play.

In that sense, the creators also say that with Fold AR they want to make virtual currencies or currencies feel “more real” by creating an augmented reality environment in which they are.

The game will come to iOS and Android

Pokémon Go creators work on a game to “catch” Bitcoins

The application, which will have a version for iOS and Android, is under development, and a beta should reach the public in different territories. Fact of which we will keep you informed in The Truth News.

And the idea of ​​this game should not surprise us, especially since there are already a large number of titles based on cryptocurrency mining and NFTs that allow us to monetize the time we play.

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