Pokemon GO Fest: the Ultra Beasts from the Ultra World arrive

Important news from the world of Pokemon GO: Niantic has announced the arrival of Ultra Beasts from Ultra World, as part of the celebrations for the Pokemon GO Fest which will continue throughout the summer. The first Ultra Beast, Nihilego, has already made an appearance but more appearances are expected in the coming weeks.

Trainers participating in the following Pokémon GO Fest events will be able to encounter an Ultra Beast as part of Special Research:

  • Pokémon GO Fest Berlin (1-3 July 2022) – Pheromosa
  • Pokémon GO Fest Seattle (July 22-24, 2022) – Buzzwole
  • Pokémon GO Fest Sapporo (5-7 August 2022) – Xurkitree

After debuting at Pokemon GO Fest, Ultra Beasts will appear more frequently globally during Pokemon GO’s GO Season. Rhi of GO’s Ultra Recon Squad created a limited number of Beast Balls to help the participants of the Pokémon GO Fest to capture the Ultra Beasts, to underline also the bonuses provided for anyone who participates in one of the stages of the Pokemon GO Fest 2022:

  • Hatch distance reduced by half
  • Event-themed field research, instant surprise, stickers and confetti
  • Four extra special exchanges (maximum 6 per day)
  • Less stardust for trading during the event
  • Four collectible challenges, themed with the park’s habitats
  • Up to nine total daily Raid Passes
  • Team GO Rocket balloons will spawn more frequently and by defeating the recruits you will get double the mystery components
  • Snorlax Cowboy Hat
  • Unown A, B, E, L, R, S, T, U (also in Shiny Chromatic version)

Finally, on the occasion of the Pokémon GO Fest live in Berlin the new Campfire app will officially debut, real world social network which starts from a map and allows you to add people, create events, form communities and even use messaging functions.

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