Pokémon GO: improvements for the PokéStop and many new features coming

Through their social channels Niantic confirms that tests will be carried out in the coming months to experiment with various improvements coming within Pokémon GO in the near future, with the aim of making virtual reality gaming ever more immediate and accessible for all users.

There are several adjustments and innovations that the developers intend to introduce within the game: in particular they are promised new features for the PokéStop. Although Niantic does not go into too much detail in this regard, it is very likely that in the coming months it will carry out one AR scan on a PokéStop or a gym will allow you to upgrade these structures for a short period of time in which it will be possible to more easily receive increasingly rare and precious rewards. Among the other additions provided by the authors, the possibility of skip animations of hatching a Pokémon egg, suggestions for new users on nicknames to use and one greater amount of suggestions for coaches. And there will be further adjustments.

It is not clear how long the tests will last and which parts of the world will receive these improvements, but the purpose of the tests put in place by Niantic is to make the new features available. globally without excluding any territory. Meanwhile, Pokémon GO is preparing to welcome the first Safari Zone, which will be set in Liverpool. Plus, Pokémon GO is ready for Halloween with a variety of ghosts, costumed Pokémon, and many other bonuses.

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