Pokémon Go: players will have events and Ultra Beast this summer

Good news is coming for all Pokémon Go players, because this summer it plans to unleash three new Ultra Beasts in various live events that it will have during this season, as Niantic revealed just today, because the players who attend All three Pokémon Go Fest Live Celebrations will be the first players with the opportunity to capture various Ultra Beasts that appear in the game.

Now the players in the Pokémon Go Festival Players in Berlin will have a chance to capture Pheromosa, players in Seattle will have a chance to capture Buzzwole, and players in Sapporo will have a chance to fight Xurkitree, so all three Ultra Beasts will be available to all players by the end of this summer.

As an added bonus, attendees of Pokémon Go Fest live events will be able to use Beast Balls to capture the various Ultra BeastsThat’s right, this is the first time a new Poke Ball has been added to the game since the addition of Premier Balls, so a new costumed Pokémon, the cool Cowboy Hat Snorlax, will also appear in the wild in all three events.

So take advantage, as the Pokémon Go Fest celebrations are the first “live” events held by Pokémon Go in almost three years, so while Niantic seems content to keep the actual game event as a global event, it seems that they still they are looking for new ways to entice players to join the celebration.

So previous live Pokémon Go Fest events have featured various Legendary Pokémon, ranging from Legendary Birds to Mewtwo, months before they hit the game globally. Tickets for Pokemon Go Fest live events are now available, so players will need to purchase a ticket and attend the event to receive the various in-game benefits.

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