Pokémon: he tries to exchange his apartment … with a Collector’s Charizard card

News culture Pokémon: he tries to exchange his apartment … with a Collector’s Charizard card

Published on 10/13/2021 10:20 AM

All means are good. In Perpignan, a man tried to exchange his apartment for a collector’s Pokémon card, which recently exploded in value (and that’s no joke).

Charizard, the pokemon card of all desires

When we love, we don’t count. This odd, unusual and yet very real fact is relayed to us by The Parisian : in Perpignan, in the Pyrénées-Orientales, a visibly keen collector of Pokémon cards was in possession an apartment with an estimated value of 70,000 euros. This is good since it is potentially the selling price of the original Charizard card, published in 1999/2000 and one of the first marketed starters. Depending on its condition, the price can even swell drastically: one of them for example sold 418,000 euros last February.

Bancairmure loan

Neither one nor two our hero of the day simply asked to swap the card for his own home. The owner of the famous dragon was rightly expressed in the columns of the newspaper:

It is a collector’s card, there are only five similar copies in the world. I was, for example, offered in exchange an apartment worth 70,000 euros in Perpignan.

We imagine that to exchange his own home for a Pokémon card, the interested party intended to resell it much more expensive elsewhere to achieve a significant margin … or, maybe he was genuinely devoted to securing his treasure for himself and himself?

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