Pokemon Luminous Pearl / Radiant Diamond: Find Kryppuk

How do you get Kryppuk in Pokmon Shining Pearl and Shining Diamond? You have to chat a little.

Another Pokémon Pokémon Luminous Pearl and Radiant Diamondwhich has rather special requirements to get it is Kryppuk.

In other words: You don’t just run into it in the world. What exactly you have to do and like her Kryppuk we will tell you on this page.

All about Kryppuk in Pokémom Radiant Diamond and Shining Pearl:

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Where can I get Kryppuk in Pokemon Luminous Pearl and Radiant Diamond?

First of all, go to Route 208 and look there at the bottom of the screen for a trainer who is almost undetectable behind a few trees. For once, this trainer does not try to fight you, rather he gives you one Spiritkern.

And you need this in turn to get Kryppuk in Pokémon Radiant Diamond and Shining Pearl. Travel to after receiving the spirit core Route 209 and the consecrated tower. It is a small ruined tower in which you know how to use the spirit core.

Pokemon_Shining_Diamond_Luminous_Pearl_Kryppuk_find_tower_ ruin
Here you can find the ruined tower in Pokémon Radiant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

That was the little annoying part. Your job now is to get into the Underground to travel and with 32 characters to talk to. It has to be Trainer and not about characters who sell you items.

If you have spoken to 32 trainers, you can return to the tower ruins and fight against Kryppuk there. If you want to have another Kryppuk, you have to go underground again and speak to 32 trainers, after which you will find another Kryppuk at the tower ruins.

You have to talk to 32 trainers to get Kryppuk.

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