Pokemon Luminous Pearl / Radiant Diamond: TM Blitz – This is how you bring light into dark caves

You can bring light into dark caves in Pokémon Luminous Pearl and Radiant Diamond with a TM.

You know it: If you have some caves in Pokémon Luminous Pearl and Radiant Diamond enter, you don’t see much. Everything around you is dark, but how do you bring it Light in caves? Very easily!

The TM will help you with this Blitz, with which you provide reasonable lighting in dark caves and thus find everything that is hidden there.

All about the TM Blitz in Pokémom Radiant Diamond and Shining Pearl:

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Where can I find the TM Blitz in Pokemon Luminous Pearl and Radiant Diamond?

On the way to orphans you come to a little cave area called Erzelingen Gate. You can get there via Route 203.

After entering the cave you will receive the VM shatter from the first NPC, but you cannot use it yet. But you need it to find the TM Blitz here. So defeat the first arena leader and then come back here.

Then take the path north in Erzelingen-Tor and smash the stones that are in the way. Here you can go underground and find TM Blitz behind a few destructible stones. Now all you have to do is pick it up.

Can I buy the TM Blitz Pokemon Luminous Pearl and Radiant Diamond?

Another option is to simply use TM Blitz to buy. It is available in the Schleiede department store in Tench silk. Go to the third floor there.

Once there, you can buy the TM Blitz from the woman in the corner, which in turn costs you 1,000 credits.

You can also purchase the TM Blitz in Pokémon Radiant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

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