Pokemon: Nuzlocke challenges hated as hacks, developers don’t appreciate them

In recent times the Nuzlocke challenges have spread widely in the Pokemon community and in particular among streamers and content creators who are using this type of challenge to offer interesting content to their viewers. However, it seems that The Pokemon Company doesn’t particularly appreciate them.

But what exactly is it about? The Nuzlocke challenges are real “runs” played with particular rules self-imposed by the player, without any use of hacks or illegal modifications of any kind, this should be clarified. A few examples? In some Nuzlocke it is not possible to cure KO pokemon while in others it is forbidden to use certain objects, skills or types of Pokemon, so as to make the challenge more interesting.

So far nothing strange, However, it seems that The Pokemon Company hates this type of contentat least according to what was revealed by two former employees of Nintendo of America who tried to propose to Pokemon Company the organization of an official Nuzlocke challenge, to be broadcast in streaming.

The reaction seems to have been strongly negative, so much so that The Pokemon Company would have claimed to consider Nuzlocke like ROM hacks, a statement that has greatly amazed former Nintendo employees. The two also state how reactions of this type lead employees not to propose other ideas and in any case often to lose confidence in managers and executives, as the rejection of one’s own project can lead to problems at work.

It is actually not entirely clear how Nuzlocke can be compared to piracy and ROM hacks since they are by no means illegal and just self-impose rules to make the game more challenging.

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