Pokémon Scarlet / Purple: when the reimbursement of the exclusive Switch turns into a nightmare

Game News Pokémon Scarlet / Purple: when the reimbursement of the exclusive Switch turns into a nightmare

What was supposed to be one of the major releases of the year quickly turned into a little nightmare for a large part of Pokémon fans. the ninth generation is plagued by a ton of bugs, enough to push players to ask for a refund. Except Dad Nintendo doesn’t do a lot of freebies.

The cursed generation

Since November 18, players around the world can finally discover Pokemon Scarlet/Purpleproud representative of the ninth generation with its unique open world for the license. But while many fans were eagerly awaiting this opus, as evidenced by its pre-order record, he quickly got downed by the community. For good reason, the software is currently full of bugs, and demonstrates a pick-up technique.

Between bugs, glitches and other incessant framerate drops, Pokémon Scarlet / Purple quickly annoyed players, who then began to request a refund. The problem is that Big N has a particularly strict policy on this subject and turns the heads of the community.

Refund Hell

Inevitably, the current state of the game arouses the anger of a large part of the fans who have started to consult on the web. Many of them have already tried to get their digital edition reimbursed. If Nintendo sometimes accepts reimbursement, nothing is decided in advance and the firm seems to treat requests on a case-by-case basis.

On Redditsome players claim to have won their case with Big N, while explaining their approach. The problem is that others explain that they have had their request for reimbursement refused, without having any additional details on the why and how. In addition, the Japanese giant would be more inclined to reimburse players who pre-ordered the title. A user explains, for example, that the after-sales service asked him to find out about the software from review sites in the event of a future purchase.

For the most part, the procedure is the same. Just contact Nintendo support and request a refund for the title. If Nintendo accepts, a confirmation email will be sent to validate the process, following which the title will be deleted from the Switch and the refund will be made. It should be noted, however, that this “gesture” on the part of Nintendo is unique. The next refund request will be immediately refused.

Some players also explain that the validation can depend on the territory in which each is located. Thus, Australian or German players seem to have more difficulty seeing their request succeed than for those who live in the United States. Finally, note again that the request can be declined by Nintendo, even if this is the first refund requested.

Pokémon Scarlet / Purple: when the reimbursement of the exclusive Switch turns into a nightmare

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