Police captured Gloria Estrada, president of the Cartagena Council

In the midst of control operations carried out by the Metropolitan Police in the Manga neighborhood the president of the Council of Cartagena, Gloria Estrada.

According to preliminary information provided by the police institution, the arrest of the Liberal Party lobbyist occurred because a kilo of cocaine hydrochloride was found in the vehicle in which they were traveling, a firearm and a sum of eight million pesos.

“Right now we are verifying a case at the Manga CAI. Our quadrant in a control activity such as those that have been arranged in the city immobilizes a truck inside which three people, two men and a woman, are inside, and what could be approximately a kilo of cocaine hydrochloride is found, in addition to a firearm that has a safe-conduct but that we are going to seize and associate with the case, and a sum of eight million pesos, ”said the Brigadier General, Nicolás Zapata, commander of the Cartagena Metropolitan Police.

The case is already in the stage of judicialization and presentation before the Attorney General’s Office.

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