Police: drove to the intersection when it was red – motorcyclist (16) dead

A 16-year-old motorcyclist was killed in a traffic accident in Opladen on Wednesday morning. He crashed into a truck.

A 16-year-old died in a motorcycle accident in Leverkusen-Opladen on Wednesday morning. He had collided with a truck at an intersection. According to initial findings, the police suspect that the 16-year-old drove into the intersection when the light was red.

The 16-year-old came from Leichlingen and was traveling with a Piaggio light motorcycle, the police said on request in the morning. Attempts to revive the boy were unsuccessful, police said. He died at the scene of the accident.

Truck driver suffered shock

The 54-year-old at the wheel of the truck with the Oberhausen license plate suffered a shock, the police said. The Raoul-Wallenberg-Strasse/Opladener Strasse intersection in question was closed during the operation.

According to initial findings, the truck turned left when the teenager drove through the intersection at around 6 a.m. Witnesses said the boy was driving on red.


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