Police find his girlfriend with another and kill one

NEW YORK – An off-duty NYPD found his girlfriend and another woman in bed, killing the new woman and wounding his girlfriend, sources told the Daily News.

The officer, Yvonne Wu, 31, who is assigned to District 72 in Brooklyn, opened fire on the mistresses in a house on 19th Ave. near 80th St. in Bensonhurst shortly after 5 p.m., shooting both of them. women on the chest, police sources said.

The officer’s girlfriend, 23, suffered a non-life threatening injury; the other woman, 25, was seriously injured and died from her injuries.

When one of the victims called 911, the operator could hear someone in the background saying, “That’s what you get.” The person who called 911 identified herself as Jenny Li.

Doctors took the shooting victims, as well as a third patient, possibly the off-duty officer, to Maimonides Hospital.

The police were arrested

Off-duty police were in custody, police sources said.

Theresa DiGirolamo, who lives up the block, said she heard what sounded like a paper bag exploding and then saw one of the victims being taken away by ambulance.

“It’s like a pop, pop, one, two, three. Then four and maybe five, ”he said.

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