Police: Herne: wild escape after attempted robbery with a knife in a taxi

The attempt to rob a taxi driver led to a wild escape from Herten to Herne on Friday evening. Police catch suspects.

A robbery attempt on a taxi driver triggered a large-scale police operation in Herten on Friday evening. A helicopter was also used. In the end, a man and a woman were provisionally arrested – who were soaking wet.

Because the escape of the 41-year-old suspect and his 32-year-old companion led, among other things, through the Emscher, the police reported on Friday evening – they swam through it. The case began in a taxi in the Cranger Straße/Im Emscherbruch area in Herten, the police reported.

Attempted robbery in a taxi: a couple swims through the Emscher to escape

The man and woman were traveling in a taxi, according to police. When it came to paying, a dispute broke out, the police said based on their initial findings. The 41-year-old threatened the taxi driver with a knife. But the driver was able to escape from the car and alert the police; it was 5 p.m. The couple then tried to start the taxi, but failed. For the next half hour it was time to flee.

The two ran in the direction of Ewaldstraße, reports the police. Then they swam through the Emscher. In the city of Herne, the two ran across the railway tracks and fled to a signal box building in the Am Westhafen area.

Railway workers threatened in the signal box building

All of this was observed by the crew of the police helicopter called “Hummel”, the police said. What the crew could not see: The fugitives met two railway workers in the building. You would have asked one of the two for his car keys; because the worker refused, a fight broke out.

“Then the couple fled outside,” the police said in the evening. The fugitives ran across the train tracks again. They then tried to enter a parked car by smashing its window. According to the police, this did not work. And then nothing worked anymore: police officers grabbed the two and arrested them.

Police secure knives

The police officers were able to secure the knife with which the taxi driver and the railway employees were said to have been threatened. It also turned out that the 41-year-old from Recklinghausen and his 32-year-old companion came from Herne and were wanted with an arrest warrant – a police spokeswoman could not say with what allegation that evening when asked.

The operation lasted about half an hour, the spokeswoman said. The spokeswoman left it open how many police were active – forces came from Recklinghausen and Bochum, she said.

Both will spend at least the night with the police, the spokeswoman said. The investigations were handed over to the criminal police at the Recklinghausen police headquarters. On Saturday, both are to be brought before a magistrate, it said.


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