Police report: Oberhausen: rioters harassed the neighborhood

At 2 a.m. residents in Oberhausen are rang to get out of bed. A rioter keeps them on their toes, and later the police too.

A 39-year-old harassed the residents of Grenzstrasse on Monday night. At around 2 a.m. he rang the bells at several apartment buildings and was very aggressive. The neighborhood eventually called the police.

Apparently, this made little impression on the rioters. Because he continued to be aggressive towards the police officers, mobbed and ignored the pronounced dismissal. According to the police report, he also disregarded the required safety distance from the officers.

The police eventually brought the man to the ground, but that didn’t stop the 39-year-old from hitting and kicking. He was therefore restrained and provisionally arrested. The man was apparently drunk. A blood sample was taken from him and investigations are ongoing.

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