Police repressed kids in a square for doing a rap and dance competition

Young people who performed an artistic performance were attacked and repressed.

Approximately 30 police officers in the province repressed and attacked adolescents and young urban artists for alleged marijuana use.

Far from starting a dialogue, the troops harassed the young people until they had to suspend the activity.

After hitting a couple of youths, they fired rubber bullets and arrested several people.

“We got together in the square, in front of the National College, to hold a dance and rap competition,” one of the organizers said on her Facebook account. “The boys were rapping and a policeman approached to say that the boys were smoking ‘faso’ and nothing to do with it. There the policeman began to get violent because one of the boys asked him to identify himself and he did not want to identify himself”, in that At that time “they proceeded to identify all the organizers and violently searched one of them: they pulled down his pants, handcuffed him and took him against the van.”

“When we began to record the abuse, they began to tell us that they were going to take us to record. They took one of them for recording, at that moment another rapper asked ‘why were they taking him away?’ and they began to beat him between 5 troops. They also dragged a girl for recording and they took her cell phone, “he denounced.

The police officers, with total abuse of power, detained 6 people, most of them minors between 16 and 17 years old.

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