Police respond to report of shooting in Bloomington

Minneapolis, United StatesMinnesota Police responded to a report of shots fired at the Mall of America in Bloomington, a Minneapolis suburb, but said less than an hour later the area was safe and it was an isolated incident.

No casualties were reported although police were able to confirm that shots were fired.

A video posted on social media showed what appeared to be a man screaming as he walked near a Nike store in the complex, and three apparent shots were heard. Another video then showed a pair of police officers, including one with an assault rifle, moving through the mall, and people quickly walking away from the mall’s interior lobby.

“We have secured the scene at the Mall of America and can confirm shots were fired. This is an isolated incident,” Bloomington Police said on Twitter shortly afterward.

The suspect in the incident fled the mall on foot and police officers were interviewing witnesses.

Police earlier confirmed on Twitter that they were working on “an active incident” with numerous officers at the scene. They gave no other details.

Another video showed shoppers fleeing the amusement park on the ground floor of the giant mall, holding their children’s hands and clutching their bags.

The mall, which opened in 1992, is the largest in the United States and is a tourist destination and community gathering place.

The Mall of America has lifted the alert status, but will remain closed for the rest of the afternoon, police added.

On the premises they are prohibited, according to their website. The mall does not have metal detectors and shoppers are not searched upon entering. It was the scene of a shooting on New Year’s Eve, when two people were injured during an apparent altercation.

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