Police slapped a handcuffed man – sentenced to a fine

It was earlier this spring that a drunk man was taken into custody and taken into custody to sober up. In the arrest, the man was accused by the now convicted police of violence against an official, the police claim to have been beheaded and thus dealt the fist blow in self-defense.

However, the prosecutor did not buy that explanation but believes that there was no balding and thus no emergency situation. The course of events was captured on the arrest’s surveillance cameras and the district court chooses to follow the prosecutor’s line.

Halmstad District Court sentences the police officer to a suspended sentence and a daily fine, he must also pay damages of SEK 5,000 to the plaintiff. As the police officer is convicted of assault that is not minor, he will be dismissed from his employment. He denies any wrongdoing.

Start the clip to see the sequence of events on the images from the surveillance camera.

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Start the clip to see the sequence of events in the images from the surveillance camera. Photo: Police preliminary investigation

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