Police warned of violence – seven weeks before the riots

According to Ekot, which has received reports from the intelligence unit, there were fears that criminals would take part in the counter-demonstrations. A report seven weeks before Easter warned that it could lead to, among other things, stone-throwing against blue light staff and car fires.

During the Easter weekend, a large number of police officers were injured in the violent riots in Linköping and Norrköping, among other places.

National Police Chief Anders Thornberg said after the riots that the police had no information about the risks in connection with the demonstrations.

Today he clarifies:

“Before public gatherings of this kind, a threat and risk assessment is made on the basis of available intelligence information. This assessment is the basis for the resource that is added. This sometimes means decisions about commands at the relevant locations with special competence to handle the expected situations. This also happened before the Easter weekend “, Thornberg writes police site.

“But this weekend the police were met by exceptional violence. The violence was directed at the police and to an extent we have not seen before. It is from that perspective that my statement on the intelligence information should be seen. “What information was available and what decisions were made before and during these violent riots will be examined and analyzed in the evaluation that will be led by an external chairman,” it is further stated.

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This has happened during the Easter weekend when violent riots spread to several Swedish cities. Photo: TT

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