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1. Tools. Mexico City has falling crime incidence rates and part of the results is thanks to the intelligence and strategy work implemented by the authorities, as well as the constant fight against criminal groups. Omar Garcia Harfuch, Secretary of Citizen Security of the CDMX, assured that since the Secretariat was granted the power of investigation, in March 2020, it has helped reduce crime rates. In June, a series of operations began to dismantle certain criminal cells that were in an important fight and that generated a lot of violence in CDMX, said the head of the SSPC. Full support of the Prosecutor’s Office. And, as if that were not enough, of the citizens as well.

2. Promising does not impoverish. In search of the opposition votes in favor of the president’s electricity reform Andrés Manuel López Obrador, representatives of Morena and the PT offered to listen to all parties, dialogue, guarantees to investors and changes to the original proposal. This conciliatory tone characterized the first meeting of the Energy Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, in which a work program was approved that establishes the commitment to promote the improvement of the regulatory framework for investments, its regulation and free competition in this area. economic sector. It is better to go the easy way, because the confrontation only represents wasted time, and if you have to approve it, then it is too late.

3. Alert. Injured workers and disturbances at the entrances to the Dos Bocas Refinery, in Paraíso, Tabasco, was the result of a confrontation between riot police and workers from the ICA Fluor company who work on this work and who, since yesterday, have been unemployed. labors. The events occurred between anti-riot and party elements. The Secretary of Energy, Dew nahle, said that it is “a small group” of between ten and twelve people who unleashed the violence at the refinery. The place was shielded by federal elements and the Secretariat of Security and Citizen Protection, who threw tear gas to disperse the protesters. And if it was a small group, why the major scandal? Better fix the problem.

4. Advances against corruption. The secretary of Public Function, Roberto Salcedo Aquino, reported that 155 bidders and suppliers have been sanctioned for fines amounting to 154 million pesos. In his appearance on the occasion of the gloss of the Third Government Report of the President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, pointed out that the most recurrent offenses consisted of providing false information or acting with fraud in the contracting procedures and failing to comply with contractual obligations. The secretariat has submitted 134 complaints of facts to the Attorney General of the Republic for illicit enrichment and other crimes. For a country that navigates corruption, those numbers seem very minor, don’t you think?

5. Paper equity. At the initiative of the vice-coordinator of the Citizen Movement, Mirza Flores, the subcommission was created that in the Chamber of Deputies will seek to improve budget allocations with a gender perspective, since these have been misrepresented with non-purpose allocations and for 2022 they present Pyrrhic increases. The proposal was endorsed by the president of the Budget Committee, Erasmo gonzalez, at the beginning of the analysis work on the Economic Package for 2022. The legislator argued that “women have had to leave their jobs because many of the existing programs were withdrawn,” she explained. Equality, whatever they do, is still a fantasy in this country. At all levels.

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