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1. Waters with the water. The biggest problem in Nuevo León is the water supply, and on this issue Governor Samuel García has not stopped attending to both poles. The same thing negotiates with companies so that they share their abundant endowments, which it agrees with businessmen to carry out a regulatory plan and, more recently, after the audits and closure of clandestine intakes, in addition to the complaints and sanctions, it began operations in the entity to recover as much fluid as possible. “We are going to fight water-chicoleo head-on,” he said. Faced with the possibility that there could be more clandestine tapping or theft of the vital liquid, he asked for cooperation from society. Maturity, firm hand and control to resolve the conflict. It is what you see.

2. Shoulder to shoulder. Cuauhtémoc Blanco, president of Morelos, expressed before President Andrés Manuel López Obrador: “We are together in the search to dignify the Mexican people through equal opportunities. We appreciate your closeness and sensitivity to the needs of our people. In Morelos we know that the transformation is progressing steadily, and this is thanks to the teamwork of all of us who want a just, peaceful and growing nation.” The state government, he confirmed, works together with the Federation to consolidate the transformation. Blanco enters the list of a few governors who have the presidential confidence to all test. Don’t let her down, Governor.

3. A king Midas. “To achieve the true change that citizens want, it is time to renew ourselves to have an organized, united and strong party that allows us to maintain the electoral effectiveness that has been achieved so far, but that is also the way to regenerate the public life of the country and, thus, we can consolidate the national project led by Andrés Manuel López Obrador”, expressed Mario Delgado, national leader of Morena. The party will renew its internal organs at both the state and national levels, he reported. It will be in the next three months, through a democratic, transparent and inclusive process where no one is left out, because, he said, “Morena’s strength is in the people.” Everything has gone well for him, but the jump to a secretariat?

4. Skinny and in debt. The crisis of the PRD and the PRI goes beyond the thinning in their lists of militants: it touches on economic grounds. They drag bank debts derived from the electoral setbacks they have suffered in recent years. In the case of the tricolor, a loan with Banca Afirme stands out for 207.4 million pesos, acquired in 2021, while the Aztec sun resorted a few months ago to bank debt for 50 million pesos and the disposal of assets to get more resources due to the decrease in their financing. Jesús Zambrano and Alejandro Moreno will have a lot to think about to solve the deficits. Consequence of having lost power.

5. Roots. From Coatlán del Río, Morelos, for the second consecutive day, the president indicated that he will not seek re-election. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador assured that there should be no concern about whoever relieves him when he leaves office, because his successor or his successor will be better than him. And he reiterated that, in two years and three months, when his mandate ends, he will retire. “Because I have two years and three months to go and the decision has already been made, because it is a matter of principle, I am going to retire. Finishing my term, I close the cycle and there will be a generational change”. He is confident that what he has sown will help Morena to consolidate the transformation. He is confident. And so it will be, before a sleepy opposition.

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