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1. close with everything. So far in 2022, the crime of theft in its various forms in Jalisco decreased 53.9% compared to the same period in 2018; the same happened with others, such as homicide, in 22.2%, and femicide in 63.7 percent. According to data from the National Security System, the reduction in total crimes in the entity governed by Enrique Alfaro was 23.2%, going from 97 thousand 672 illegal acts in 2018 to 75 thousand 11 in 2022. The decrease in robbery at banks, businesses, account holders, cargo vehicles and private vehicles stands out and, with regard to perception of security, improved in a year 6 points. alfaro He has two years to polish what he has done in Jalisco. Plenty of time at the rate she’s going.

two. Sign. The leader of Morena in the Senate, Ricardo Monrealassured that he will not betray the movement he represents nor is he an enemy of the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obradorwith whom, he affirmed, he will never confront, but he made it clear that he has his own criteria and clear ideas on how to reconcile the country, for which he reaffirmed that he seeks to become “the president of national reconciliation.” Montreal He maintains his aspiration to be Morena’s candidate for 2024, although he announced that he will not participate in the process if the election method is a poll, since he considers them “a farce.” And as proof, he recalled that in 2017 he led the polls for head of government in CDMX and, in the end, they sent him to fourth place. What is certain is that it will not happen to him again.

3. Serenity. Alexander Moreno, national leader of the PRI, will have to show that he has the convening power to get the tricolor out of the hole in which he finds himself. He must prevent it from collapsing from within. Miguel Angel Osorio Chong warned that the PAN and the PRD must be careful with Alito Moreno, “he doesn’t care about more than his pretensions,” he said. “We cannot allow his leadership, his person, to tarnish our entire party,” he said. In a tribute to Rene Juarez Cisneros, slipped that “he never clung to a position and as leader of the PRI he knew how to step aside when circumstances indicated.” The “indirect” should alert the PRI structures. It is time to shake off the moth and rise again. They have it all. Go.

Four. not one more. Governor of Nuevo Leon Samuel Garcia, has done everything humanly possible to stop the water crisis that the entity is going through. After the federal government announced that the works of El Cuchillo II will begin in a month, the director of Water and Drainage of Monterrey, Juan Ignacio Barragan, shared that the mix of resources is part of what will be defined this week. He specified that the execution of the work would be in charge of Water and Drainage of Monterrey, together with the National Water Commission. The work will cost 15.7 billion pesos and have a capacity of up to 10,000 liters of water per second. Nuevo León will never suffer from another water crisis, the governor said. Others are stunned. He does not.

5. Annoyance. Some Morena militants are indignant after observing the violence generated in some regions during the election for members of the National Council. The federal deputy of Morena Patricia Armendariz He spoke through Twitter and, after the presentation made by the academic John Ackerman of hauling, vote-buying and acts of vandalism, described as “regrettable” those practices of “some morenistas”, while requesting the expulsion of characters “enemies of democracy”. He placed his trust in the probability that the Morena Commission of Honor and Justice expels the violent. Even if they are left without a pattern?

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