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1. Seriousness guaranteed. With his eyes on the change of government in Mexico City, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador He mentioned some names of those who could aspire to the candidacy for Morena to replace claudia sheinbaum. The president slipped one that did not appear, tacitly, in the list of candidates, but that immediately aroused interest. “So much Marti Batres What rose icela (security Secretary), Ariadne Montiel (Secretary of Welfare), everyone has, Jesus (Ramirez, spokesman for the Presidency) too, everyone. It is a constitutional right to vote and to be voted for,” he said. Names begin to sound on the part of Morena to occupy the CDMX Headquarters, of which there are people who have institutional closeness, experience and, above all, a serious profile and good results.

two. solidity and strength. It seems that, in recent weeks, the leader of the Institutional Revolutionary Party, Alexander Alito Morenowas being overwhelmed by the leaking of videos, mainly by the governor of Campeche, Layda Sansores. However, attacks make him stronger. Before part of the public opinion, and above all before his militant followers, he looks more robust every day. In Mexican politics, decades have gone by with the premise of “less bad” and, today, wing It is the least bad of the current panorama. They will say what they want about him, but he maintains the unity of his legislators. It does not bend. The PAN and PRD, in this difficult context, are conspicuous by their absence, while wing it just gets stronger.

3. Transformation at all levels. Adam Augusto Lopez, Secretary of the Interior, led a working meeting with public servants from the Mexican government to install the Central General Table for the Creation of a new decentralized public body for the Health sector, IMSS-Well-being. Present at the meeting were the general directors of the IMSS, Zoe Robledoand the Health Institute for Wellness, John Ferrerand Legal Affairs of the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, Omar Guadalupe Gutierrez Lush, among others. The goal is for access to health to reach all states. The ideal scenario in which everyone, mainly the most needy, have a health system, is almost real. There they take it.

Four. To measure. Much noise has caused that deputies of Veracruz have approved, in general and in particular, the initiative called Nahle Lawwhich will allow the Secretary of Energy, Dew Nahle, be a candidate for governor, despite being born in Zacatecas. The news is handled as if Congress approved a reform that “benefits” her. Local legislators modified their Constitution to allow people who are not natives of the state to be considered as such, in case they have children born in the entity or have lived for at least 5 years. And, coincidentally, such is the case. But one thing is one thing and another is that the people of Veracruz accept it as their own. That is another song.

5. The time is gold. The tragedy in the mining industry hangs over national territory again. Ten workers were trapped in a mine in the Carboniferous Region of Coahuila. Although the causes are unknown, it is speculated that it was due to a flood. The organization Familia Pasta de Conchos announced on its social networks that the work site “is a death trap and not a coal mine. The walls of the well are not even built.” It is even questioned when the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare inspected it. Mrs Luisa Maria Mayor, there they speak to him. Initiating a successful rescue is what is required or the Pasta de Conchos level nightmare will return.

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