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1. Imbalances. According to the most recent figures from the OECD, Mexico is the country where employees work the most hours, of all those that are affiliated with the organization. And, at the same time, with only 6 days of vacation in the first working year, when other OECD members have 25 days, such as Austria or France. Luisa Maria Mayor Lujan, Secretary of Labor and Federal Social Welfare, reported that there are entities where 7 out of 10 workers are informal, which also undermines public finances. Have you thought of anything to level this scale, secretary? Time is running out…

2. In the oven. Eight days after the internal elections in Morena, Mario Slim, national leader of the party, said: “We will have the preliminary list this weekend, but we will continue reviewing, and where the assembly has to be repeated, it will be repeated, and if we have to postpone the National Congress for one or two weeks, we will will”. Which means that Morena hasn’t had enough time to get the results. By the way, he should make known the medical situation of those beaten during the process. It is seen that “shoemaker to your shoes”. That’s what the INE is for, the experts; even if they don’t like it.

3. Golden opportunity. Marko Cortesnational leader of the PAN, did not let many hours pass after the candidate was announced by Morena for the governorship of the State of Mexico, and revealed that the albiazul will contend with Enrique Vargas del Villar, former mayor of Huixquilucan, one of the PAN members with the best results, which makes him a good option. By uncovering the current coordinator of the Mexican PAN deputies, Cuts He was very emphatic: “He knows how to win and he knows how to govern.” The truth is Vargas del Villar It continues to be revalued and its name is positioned in polls and citizen preferences. If they go in an alliance, as expected, they already have someone to lead it. There is also shooting here.

4. Arrogance of giants. the priista deputy Maxta Gonzalezdenounced having been the victim of intimidation and beatings by officials of the Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office, ordered by the mayor sandra caves, while doing a neighborhood program in the Obrera neighborhood. In a statement they clarify that the legislator violated the law by selling on public roads without authorization, so “any act that violates legality and public order must be promptly attended to in the exercise of the governance function in charge of the authorities of the demarcation”. They accused that the brawl was started by the deputy’s work team and warned that they will continue to do what the CDMX Constitution mandates. And if you are an opponent, with more substance.

5. self-criticism welcome. The Oaxacan federal deputy Armando Contreras Castillo He assured that Morena must modify the methods for the election of councilors, after what happened last weekend in the District Assembly, where there were many complaints. She pointed out that such an internal election cannot be repeated, and suggested modifying the format. Now that Morena has become the main party in the country (…) holding an election with the same method had its own risks, which meant that in many places, the will of the militancy was not taken into account and prevented the results express the plurality of the movement,” he wrote. Knowing the mistakes is the first step to correcting them. Closing your eyes only slows you down.

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