Political Fronts

1. The faithful of the balance. Immersed in the organization of the march to which the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador called to celebrate his government actions next Sunday, the closeness that has been generated, thanks to this synergy, between the leadership of Morena and the head of Government of Mexico City, does not go unnoticed. Claudia Sheinbaum. And it is that it causes at least strangeness, not to say suspicion, that Mario Delgadonational party leader, is seen close to sheinbaum. When he is not promoting his reports, he accompanies her to activities with the Cableb├║s or in the newspaper Regeneration, on the cover with the official. What will the other Morena applicants for 2024 think of this imbalance in the balance?

two. Setting trend. After the governor of Sinaloa, Ruben Rocha Moya, rendered its First Government Report, the Mexican political class received the visit to the Legislature with surprise. In fifteen decades, no governor had presented the report to Congress nor had they answered the questions of the deputies, so the session became historic. The president listened to the positions and questions for five hours. Attentive to the details for the improvement of Sinaloa, he set the tone: this year, only the leaders of Jalisco and Zacatecas attended their Congresses. None showed equal respect.

3. common goal. In the Senate’s Morenista bench, it was easy for them to understand that the path to strengthening themselves is unity. The senator’s claim is left behind Jose Antonio Alvarez Lima to your coordinator Ricardo Monreal. He recomposed the speech and chose to recognize that the best thing for the majority group in the Upper House is that the different points of view and the rights of each one to seek other positions of popular representation are respected. A monreal He is recognized for his autonomy as a politician, for which both legislators called for the unity of the bench. The senators immediately joined Imelda Castro and the same jose narro. There is no two ways about it: as a Senate, answers must be given to society. Word of monreal.

Four. building trust. Rogerio Castro Vazquez, general and legal secretary of Infonavit, announced the increase in maximum amounts in search of a greater flow of credits, especially in low-income housing. Excellent news for the beneficiaries, who may have more resources for the acquisition of their homes. Castro Vazquez announced an increase of up to 26 thousand 326 pesos of the maximum amount in the purchase of housing. The maximum loan was 2 million 381 thousand 21 pesos, and with the increase it was 2 million 407 thousand 347 pesos. With restructuring, agreements and credits for the people, Infonavit is in accordance with the National Palace project. Decent housing was another campaign promise and it has already been fulfilled.

5. snail’s pace. The governor david monreal He highlighted that, one year after implementing the Zacatecas II Plan, as part of the National Security Strategy, kidnapping, homicide, and armed robbery have decreased by up to 20 percent. monreal pointed out that progress is being made, little by little, in the pacification of the entity, for which reason he made a call to those who make up the State Table for the Construction of Peace and Security, as well as to the different corporations to reinforce, with commitment and courage, the actions that allow to return the tranquility to the Zacatecan society. And, at this rate, how many six-year terms will pass for peace to arrive?

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