Political Fronts

1. Enough. The cessation of violence cannot be called for with more violence. The State must generate public policies that reverse the violence suffered by women in the country, he said. Arturo Zaldivar, Minister President of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, at the inauguration of the conference within the framework of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. “We cannot continue to allow a country where our girls and women are violated every day with impunity. We must generate public policies that prevent this situation, we must also generate actions that end impunity, “he said. The fire is not put out with flames.

2. Mediator. After the intense debate in the Senate for the presidential decree on public works and the intention to request its unconstitutionality, only Ricardo Monreal it was offered as a shield of the 4T projects before a hesitant legislative majority. More than two hours of debate with all the political forces and solid arguments were his tool. “It is to protect the works and consider them national security,” he told them. There is the conviction, among the senators of all colors themselves, that opening the dialogue is the best way out, since time is gained for the Board of Directors to decide whether or not to sign the request. As always, if there is a topic that becomes entangled due to its complexity, it is there Monreal in order to solve it.

3. Without stumbling. The Chamber of Deputies approved with 304 votes in favor, 95 against and 35 abstentions, the opinion that ratified the appointment that the head of the federal Executive Power issued in favor of Pablo Gomez as head of the Financial Intelligence Unit. Only the PAN voted against. The PRD and Citizen Movement benches abstained. Rubén Moreira, coordinator of the PRI parliamentary group, and Alejandro Moreno, national leader of the tricolor, stated that their caucus voted in favor of the ratification of Pablo Gomez out of respect for his trajectory. It is not a minor thing. Yes Gómez He was waiting for the right moment to transcend his political work, there he is.

4. Recovery. Despite the adversities, internal and external, the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador maintains its bet that the economy will grow up to 6% in 2021, despite the fact that Inegi reported a 0.4 percent drop in economic activity in the last quarter. In view of this, the president said that in the country there are more formal jobs than ever registered with the IMSS, since the figure of almost 21 million sources of employment is reached, more than those that were had before the covid-19 pandemic. 19. “I maintain that we are going to grow 6% this year, that is my forecast, that is my data,” he said. And it will not be long to reach the goal.

5. Allies. The Nobel Peace Prize 1992, Rigoberta Menchu, joined the call of Mexico in the UN Security Council to combat the illegal trade in light firearms, a proposal taken to the highest binational spheres by the Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard. In a message, the Guatemalan activist stressed that our country is setting an example of the actions that must be taken to promote peace and security in the world. “We need to support the initiatives that the Mexican government has proposed in the Security Council in relation to the regulation of weapons,” he asked. The name of Mexico, as a promoter of initiatives for a better world. Everyone notices it.

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