Politicians follow the referendum in Halmstad – now want the hotel plan at Österskans to be cancelled

56 percent of the voters in Halmstad said no to hotel construction and sales hall at Österskans in the referendum on September 11.

And now a formal political decision to scrap the hotel plans is also underway. On Monday, the municipal board took a unanimous position that the planning work should be suspended as a result of the referendum.

– It was a completely undramatic decision. There is no party that opposes and everyone was also clear before the referendum about following the result, says Jenny Axelsson (C), the deputy chairman of the municipal board.

The matter will now go forward for a decision in the municipal council on September 29.

Rutger Herlin, chairman of the No side, the day after the referendum did not dare to trust the politicians to cancel the hotel plans:

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The No side is satisfied: “Everyone has said that they will follow the referendum, so now we have to monitor it”

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